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Who We Are

The Students' Law Network is a dynamic student-led organization dedicated to raising awareness of legal issues and making a lasting impact in our local community and beyond.

Driven by a passion for inspiring student success and effecting meaningful change, SLN provides a platform for students to explore the legal field, connect with professionals, and gain practical insights. Join our vibrant community dedicated to making a difference in the world!

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What We Do

Through networking opportunities, specialized workshops, panel events, case competitions, mock trials, and Law School Tours, SLN fosters student engagement and empowers them with valuable workplace skills, leadership capabilities, and personal growth.

Case Competition

Candidates are given the opportunity to apply their ability to understand, analyze, and creatively solve a legal case study within the guidelines and time frame. Cases presented may be designed for individuals or teams. A panel will evaluate the quality of each team’s analysis and presentation. The case competition is a two day event featuring workshops, panel events, participant presentations, and an awards ceremony.

Mock Trial

Our mentorship program connects our members with experienced legal professionals who can provide guidance and support as they navigate their legal careers.

Networking Opportunities

At SLN, we understand the importance of networking in the legal field. We provide our members with numerous opportunities to connect with legal professionals and institutions, including networking events and informational interviews.

Past Partners

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